“AMAR”, the new poetic and rhythmic album by LISA FARIOLI.

I am Lisa Farioli, a singer-songwriter and musician. I play guitar, cello, and sing. I have finished preparing new songs for my second solo album. This album celebrates feminine poetry, a blend of light, love, and melancholy carried by rhythmic melodies.

While working on these songs with Gil Aniorte, we chose to highlight female poets such as Louise Labbé, Marceline Desbordes, and Florbela Espança. We also wanted to talk about inspiring women like Cesaria Evora in the song “La diva aux pieds nus” (The Barefoot Diva)….

The songs are co-written and arranged by Gil Aniorte Paz. Gil is known for his vocal talents as well as the numerous musical projects he has created and led, focusing on world music, poetry, and women.

He is known for his creations such as Radio Babel Marseille, Les Dames de la Joliette, Afro-rumba Club, and more.