Multipass traveler !
Songwriter, actress, cellist, guitarist and singer

My history…

In 2016 I have produced my first solo album called « Poesie du vertical » It was a jazz bossa french songs album. For it I have danced in the sky, under a glider in the video « l’air du temps »

Before that first album

I have co-funded the Mang ‘Zoreil. With that franco-creole band, I have played from « Le Touquet Paris Plage » to « La Reunion » Island, also in Mayotte in the indian ocean.

I’ve also been part of an amazing project « l’afrique du soleil levant » Africa from the rising sun, from Mayotte to Marseille

Hère is l’Afrique du soleil levant at Babel Med, Marseille !
The same team at Mamudzu, Mayotte.

I sang withOumar Kouyaté in Guinea Conackry on stage and in his debut album Sembela

After meeting bobby Mc Ferrin I became a circlesongs facilitator, and after 3 retreats in brasil and 3 years of studying, I beacame Musica do circulo conductor in 2023. In France we have the amazing community of « Chant pout Tous ». People open circles to sing for free. I love to propose « Chant pour Tous » as often as I can !