Don’t ask me why I’ve always been in love with nylon guitars, strings, winds… That’s why I will produce an album with you without programming, without sounds from the 80s and other synthesizers…

There will only be acoustic instruments! Guitars, accordion, cello, bass, drums, percussion, kayamn’

Highly skilled musicians accustomed to playing together, they bring to the songs all the density, warmth, groove, and melancholy of the lyrics 😉




Initially a pianist, Olivier is a prodigy… As a musician, he has been traveling the world for 23 years: Morocco, USA, Cuba, Colombia, Algeria, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Cameroon… He also holds multiple degrees and is a recognized ethnomusicologist, although his humility may not reveal it. His musicality is heart-wrenching, and his accordion can either provide rhythmic accompaniment or tear at your heartstrings.



Drummer and percussionist

With his playing style enriched by his experiences in jazz and flamenco, Xavier Sanchez brings a vibrant and colorful touch to the music. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Paris Jazz Big Band, Louis Winsberg, Dominique Dipiazza, Manuel Delgado, Sylvain Luc, Stephane Belmondo, and Yvann le Bolloch’. He has also worked with acclaimed vocalists including Christina Rosmini, Sylvie Paz, and Carla Bruni.



Director and bassist

Formidable bass player, Bernard is also the project’s producer. He has collaborated with numerous artists including Yvan le Bolloch’, Christiana Rosmini, Radio Babel Marseille, Tchoune Chanelas, DJ Oil, and Kaderr Fahem.



Artistic direction

A talented singer and the captain of magnificent projects such as Radio Babel Marseille, Les Dames de la Joliette, and Afro-rumba Club…