To support Lisa Farioli’s project AMAR, we invite you to contribute to the funding of their communication. In return, you can receive a signed album, a digital sound recording, and more.

The purpose of the funding

Step 1 : 100%

It will be used to finance the first EP:
Recording: musicians’ salaries, studio rental, and mixing of the first EP: the first 6 songs: Amar, La diva aux pieds nus, Haut Filao, Ah la danse, O beaux yeux & Idole de ma vie.

No worries, dear contributors, you will receive your album even if we only reach “100%” of the goal… Even if I have to sell my instruments !

Step 2 : 150%

Will be used to fund the second EP:

Recording: musicians’ salaries, studio rental, and mixing of the second EP… How many songs??? 6, 7, or 8… Surprise 😉

And for the production.

Step 3 : 200%

Will allow funding for the recording of the second EP in Brazil!

I have been to this wonderful country three times to perform and sing, and I dream of recording in the studio where Barbatuques recorded!

I have a small tour planned in January 2023 in Brazil, so it would be wonderful to record there!

Here are some images from my participation in the Body Music festival “Noite Circular” in Sao Paulo in January 2023. For the occasion, I had rearranged compositions for a vocal group:

Step 4 : 250%

With 250% funding, we will be able to cover all communication expenses:
Artwork, music videos, press officer, community manager…


With 100% of the goal: €5000

If we exceed the amount, 150% target: €7,500

EP 1

  • Studio recording / musician fees: $2000
  • Mixing / Mastering: $1000
  • Reproduction rights and manufacturing: $1000
  • Social media promotion: $500
  • Album and press photos: $500


  • Studio / takes / musicians’ salaries: €2,000
  • Music video 1: €500

If we exceed the amount, 200% goal: €10,000

Additional recordings in Brazil

  • Studio / takes / musicians’ salaries: €2,000
  • Album and press photos: €500

If we exceed the amount, target 250% = €12,500

  • Clip 2: €1,000
  • Press attaché: €1,500